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Amanda Hilton – Dancing Between Science & Intuition

April 6, 2023

Amanda makes personal development simple so we can prioritize inner + outer wellbeing in the day-to-day.

She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a certification from the Spirituality Mind-Body Institute at Columbia University, as well as Bachelor’s Degrees in Education and Psychology.

She’s merged her interests in Personal Development and Community Care to form The Simply Well —exploring the intersections between Personal Development (growing in the ways that are meaningful to you) and Community Care (supporting the earth and your local and global neighbors) — to make life and the world just a little bit better.

She’s also a licensed teacher, a reiki practitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher.

We get to take a dive into the inner world of business ownership, personal growth, energy management, and what it actually takes to succeed.

Amanda shares some incredible insights around her success in building an audience, a brand, and some exciting products.


Amanda’s website:

IG: @amandasimplywell


[1:53] Amanda’s journey to becoming a clinical psychologist.

[5:26] How personal development has evolved and its importance.

[7:35] Discussion on the inward journey, its importance, and how it has evolved over time.

[9:19] Amanda discusses her journey towards developing awareness of her emotions and how it has evolved into a practice of holding her inner experience while interacting with the outside world.

[11:34] The Role of Science in Supporting Inner Experience. Amanda talks about how research supports the impact of practices like awareness on wellbeing and how it can be translated into academic language to be more widely accepted.

[17:26] Tying Goals to Inner Desires.

[23:51] Her journey to creating her business, The Simply Well.

[28:36] The different views on productivity and how the balance.

[31:56] Marketing and Generosity.

[36:17] Instagram strategy, content marketing and how Amanda resonates with her audience.

[37:14] Developing visuals for Instagram, where she gets inspiration, and how she catalogs her ideas.

[38:46] Amanda’s branding and marketing strategy with a focus on how it fits her energy and personality, and how it resonates with her audience.

[41:42] Figuring out how to package and sell her products, and discusses her two primary products: an online course on goal setting and a workshop on non-toxic productivity.

[47:00] Inner drive to sustain personal development.

[49:21] Daily habits and practices that keep her going.

[52:57] Balancing Growth and Emotional Hygiene.

[54:45] Exploring instruments for meditative practice.

[57:08] Closing remarks and thank you


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