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Amanda Rieger Green – Find your Purpose & Connect with your Soul’s Clearest Path

June 28, 2023

Amanda Rieger Green is a world-renowned psychic medium, spiritual intuitive and wellness leader. 

Over the past decade, Amanda Rieger Green, MPH has consulted for thousands of clients including Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, world leaders, government officials, communities, institutions, and seekers from all walks of life looking for spiritual connection and a path forward in their personal evolution.

Amanda empowers her clients, engaging their innate abilities to create tangible, meaningful results in their daily lives. 

Guided by her belief that everyone is searching for their evolving meaning and purpose, Amanda connects them to their soul’s clearest path to higher consciousness. A passionate advocate, teacher and thought leader, she’s focused on the crucial intersections of spirituality, human potential, public health, and collective evolution. 

Amanda holds a B.A. in Religion from Sewanee, The University of the South and a Master’s Degree from Boston University in Public Health, with dual concentrations in Health Law, Bioethics, Human Rights and Health Services.  She’s also a certified yoga instructor (200 Hour RYT) and Reconnective Healing practitioner.


Her new podcast: 
Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green

Just a few of the fascinating topics we cover…

  • Finding your purpose
  • Finding peace
  • Communicating with the deceased
  • Death and why it’s so important
  • Why you’re seeing crazy #’s (222, 333, 555…)
  • How people-pleasing is actually really selfish
  • Tapping into your psychic abilities


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