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Are You Free?

July 6, 2023

Freedom and independence take on many different meanings for different people. We are all grateful enough to live in a world where we are mostly free. Something that didn’t come free.

But even today, we don’t always feel all that free.

While many of us enjoy external freedom and independence, many find themselves trapped in the confines of relentless mental chatter. Our minds have a tendency to interject with self-doubt, self-criticism, and a constant need to measure up to societal expectations. These internal constraints are often constructed by a combination of societal pressures and evolutionary mechanisms.

From an early age, we are bombarded with messages of achievement, success, and fitting into predetermined molds. Society sets certain standards of accomplishment and often defines success in narrow terms, leaving little room for deviation or unconventional pursuits. Entrepreneurs and creative individuals, driven by their own visions and passions, often find themselves at odds with these societal expectations. The pressure to conform can stifle their creativity, leading to self-doubt and a constant feeling of not being “enough.”

Evolutionary factors (the brain) also come into play, as our minds are wired for survival and risk aversion. The primary focus has always been on safety and survival. Our minds developed to detect and promptly avoid potential threats. However, to be happy in today’s world, we’ll likely need to override those biological notifications on a frequent basis. We must take some risks and embrace uncertainty at times. But the fear of failure, rejection, or financial instability keeps us within the walls of safety and predictability, which is often the most dangerous place to be.

So let us ask you, are you free?


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