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Craig Lindell – Listen > Learn > Adapt

I met Craig on the golf course, we became friends, he told me about his company – [P]rehab, I told him about my lower back pain, he showed me the app, and now my lower back pain is gone… [P]rehab; a digital physical therapy company with 1+ Million followers across social media, is redefining how […]

It’s Never Ending

Unless you walk around your house naked for 24 hours, you’ll never be 100% caught up on laundry. There’s always something to work on. Ahhhh, to be a human. Do we ever actually get to the end of the list? There’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s explore.

Waiting For Lighting To Strike

“Thing is, the lightning can’t strike me if I’m not out in the rain. If I can’t stand in the uncomfortable rain and wind of creativity, nothing will happen. If I just stay warm and dry and comfy, it’ll be fine but I won’t write any songs. (or anything else for that matter)” – Bill […]

The Box

Neil Gaiman’s main rule for writing is: “You can sit here and write or you can sit here and do nothing, but you can’t sit here and do anything else.” The subtle art of structure. Do you have it? Do you need it? Are you good at it? What happens if you remove all structure? […]

Keep Fighting with Ali “The Lebanese Lion” Abouzalam

If it was easy, everyone would be walking around with six-packs. What does it mean to fight and why is it so important? Can you get where you want without fighting for it? And where does discipline, structure, and accountability fit in? Ali is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, coach and MMA fighter. I (Miles) am […]

2 Years

We reflect on 2 years and examine a few of our most listened to episodes, most interesting guests, and and what lies ahead.

A Healthy Dose of Perfection with Janis Ozlins

Janis Ozolins has made a name for himself by explaining ideas visually. His work has reached millions, leading to collaborations with notable entrepreneurs and creators such as Steven Bartlett, Matt D’Avella, Dharmesh Shah, and others. After struggling with the transition for over four years, Janis successfully shifted from a 9-to-5 corporate role to becoming a […]

The Subtle Art of Being Picky

Bill calls Miles a “picky b*tch” and Miles defends his pickiness. There’s a never-ending wrestling match between “Don’t post unless you have something of value” vs. “just post something!” Quality and volume. How much pickiness is good. Does being picky get in your way or is a lack of pickiness hurting your cause? Where’s the […]

Natalie Cramer – The Subtle Art of Creativity

Are you creative? Let’s find out. Natalie Cramer is a creativity coach helping adults overcome life’s challenges and reconnect with themselves through creative play. Playing guitar and writing original songs are her primary outlets for processing and moving through emotions. Creativity has always been Natalie’s safe space and now she gets to share the magic […]