Do The Reps

Writers become great, not by reading, but by writing…a lot.Musicians, coaches, artists, and other creators become good at their craft by doing their craft.Yep. It’s that simple.You know this, but are you embodying it?Is this ep the reminder you needed? Leave us a review: Sponsor the pod: Join

Eddie Shleyner – Very Good Copy, Polaroid’s, Vignettes, and the Growth Loop

Today, we sit down with renowned copywriter, polaroid camera enthusiast, and founder of, Eddie Shleyner. His newsletter, VeryGoodCopy, is now growing ~100 subscribers a day with over 54,000 subscribers. He created 100s of free, addictive articles, interviews & courses about copywriting & creativity. In 2022, he won HackerNoon’s “Email Newsletter of the Year” award. […]

Trust The Process

The more creative the work is, the more you need a process. How much time and energy are you wasting without a process? In this episode, we’ll dive into why having a process is essential to reaching that next level and how to create your process. No process = inconsistency & overwhelm. Trust the process! […]

Todd Clarke – Stop rambling. Start persuading.

Make your website the best salesperson in your business. Do you ever wish your website would actually generate more business for you? Or that when people show up to your website, they actually understand the problems you solve for them – thus booking a call with you? Our guest today helps people do exactly that. […]

Listening – The Ultimate Superpower

Have you ever been talking to someone and all you’re really doing is thinking about what you want to say next? Listening CAN be a superpower. It can change your life. But most people don’t know how to ACTUALLY listen. There’s level to this listening stuff… People want to be heard. That’s it. When you’re […]

Robbie Swale – Getting Unstuck, Staying Consistent, and Sharing What You’ve Made

Robbie is a leadership coach, author, and podcaster whose work focuses on creativity, coaching and leading with honor. Robbie has delivered coaching, training, and facilitation for organizations like King’s College London, Moonpig, Swiss Re, Coventry City of Culture, and more. He is a regular associate of 64 Million Artists and Betterup. Robbie supports coaches to […]

Listen to This When You Feel Overwhelmed

The world can be overwhelming. We’re constantly being pulled in a million directions, and it’s only going to get worse. In a world that sells us on doing more, better, faster, and at scale; how do we keep from spiraling out of control? So much of what we’re sold online is about planning, strategizing, and […]

Nicolas Gregoriades – You Are Enough

Today’s guest has dedicated himself to discovering the secrets of a well-lived life and sharing them with men who seek to go beyond the frustration, boredom and powerlessness inherent in the modern world. He’s a coach for male entrepreneurs and the author of the book, ‘Aligned: The Modern Man’s Guide to Health, Wealth & Freedom.’ […]

What the f*** is a Resolution?

How are those 2023 new years resolutions going? What even is a resolution. Why do so many people completely forget their resolutions by Feb? What works better for you:

Dean Yeong – Work Less

Is it possible to work less, earn more, and live a better life? Our guest today is all about maximizing efficiency, performance, and impact—all while working less. Working less isn’t about anti-work. It’s about creating space and time to think, feel, and live more. Dean is the SEO manager at AppSumo as well as a […]