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Ben Byrne – Superhuman Salesman – Sometimes Different is Better Than Better

October 10, 2023

“They want the fast route, I want the for sure route.”

I was fascinated by a conversation I heard Ben having on another podcast and had to have him on. Ben has worked with Cole Gordon’s sales team, Alex Becker and Hyros, as well as Eli Wilde (Tony Robbins top salesman who sold over 100 million himself).

Currently, Ben is helping closers and entrepreneurs sell better by becoming a more well rounded person, creating a high performance lifestyle so they can get high performance results. We talk about productivity, energy, sales, and swords with superhuman salesman, Ben Byrne.

This ep will be super interesting and valuable for you if: You’re an introvert who wants to tap into your extroverted side, embrace selling, make more money, build a healthy routine, and become someone that demands respect (from yourself and others).

We also discuss:

  • Why he wakes up at 2:40 AM every morning (you read that right)
  • Routines, consistency, and discipline
  • Power of a check list
  • Monotasking
  • Eliminating decisions
  • Keeping it simple
  • Being social on social media
  • Spirituality & energy
  • Content / storytelling / humor
  • Why IG stories are so powerful and simple
  • Getting out of your head

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