No Vacation Goes Unpunished

You ever get back from a trip and easefully dive right back into your normal routine? Us either. It seems like no matter how much preparation we do for a trip, we lose a lot of momentum and struggle to transition back into our work. Is there a way to do vacation right? How do […]

Evan Shank – Which Way Now?

Evan Shank is an email marketing & automations specialist and host of the “Which Way Now?!” Podcast. From being in a band, to serving, to real estate, to fitness, to marketing and email marketing, Evan Shank did not take a straight line to what he does today. Instead, he dabbled his way into his sweet […]

An Honest Conversation About Money

This conversation is long overdue. Money is weird. Most of us have or have had screwed up relationships with it. We compare our money to others and attach our self worth and value as a human to this made up number. But also, money can be a fun game that we can all win. It […]

Stacy Fischer – Emotions That Work

Most entrepreneurs don’t have business problems, they have emotions disguised as business problems. Stacy Fischer is the creator of the Emotional MBA®, where business basics meet your emotional operating system. She teaches and guides you on how to use your emotions to start, grow, and partner in business. On how to feel good & do […]

The Subtle Art of Connection

Why is it that we forget how important relationships and connection are? We’re social creatures. In life and in business, yet we can easily forget that and return to our cave (especially introverts). Today’s conversation is an important one. Due to technology and the pandemic, we are becoming increasingly used to living through screens. Zoom, […]

Susan Gibson – Wide Open Spaces & Creative Constraints

As creatives, we are constantly battling things like expectations, comparison, and perfectionism. Susan, a creative veteran, vulnerably shares her experience with songwriting, touring, and writing one of the most popular country songs of all time, “Wide Open Spaces,” for the Dixie Chicks. Susan Gibson was born in Fridley, Minnesota, and is a Wimberley, Texas-based singer […]

James Ghareeb – The Future of Music

For better or for worse, music is changing….fast. From vinyl records, to CD albums, to singles on streaming services, and now TikTokers who’ve never touched a guitar. Bill and I had way too much fun chatting with James Ghareeb – a musician (amongst other things) who isn’t afraid of this change. Originally from Chicago, Singer-songwriter […]

You’re not as dumb as you think

“I’ve already hit my peak…I’ve already had my best ideas, best energy, best thinking…look at everyone else doing it way better than me…why am I so bad at this?” Does this sound familiar? Maybe your mind is nice to you and never bullies you into feeling less than. For the rest of us, it’s a […]

Toku McCree – The Subtle Art of Coaching

The art of coaching has been distorted in many ways. Have we gotten too far away from what it means to be a powerful coach? There is a big difference between a coach and a successful coach. Bill and Miles sit with Toku McCree for an awesome conversation about what it means to BE a […]

The Dark Playground

How often do you start a day with the intention to “get it all done” or “catch up on everything? Some days, you get a lot done and it feels really good! Momentum! Other days, you go down a viscous cycle of procrastination and guilt. So how do we find a creative and productive flow […]