Grow by Data: where to start & what to avoid with Prasanna Dhungel

Listen on Spotify Data – not always fun, often avoided, frequently misused, and always a critical part of business growth. Prasanna Dhungel is managing Partner of GrowByData, which helps agencies & brand managers maximize visibility, clicks and conversion with shopper journey insights. He shares honest insights about the entrepreneurial journey. What’s worked, what hasn’t, and […]

The Shut Down

Work work work, go go go, get as much done as humanly possible, grind, hustle, and move the needle. This works. Until it doesn’t. The reality is, we have a lot of stuff we have to get done. Productivity is important. But most of us do it SO WRONG. In this episode, we’ll give you […]

Philip Powis – Automated Intimacy

People call him the wizard.‌‌ Phil teaches Automated Intimacy at Empire Engineering, and is the Growth Chief at Zen Habits.‌‌‌‌ Building his one-man consulting firm to north of 6 figures/month, Phil Powis has quietly become one of the most sought after marketing wizards in the online coaching and education space; partnering with the likes of […]

IKEWID – The Lost Episode

Lost and forgotten for several months, this episode comes back from the darkness with an important reminder. As we move through life and work, we’re expected to know what we’re doing. Others may assume we have it all figured out, but do we? Do we ever know what we’re doing? If we “know” what we’re […]

Leah Kirsch – Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast

How do you take the fun creative stuff you loved doing as a kid and turn it into a business. Leah Kirsch, an artist and clothing designer, shares the inner workings of starting a brand out of her apartment in the Bronx in 2013, closing it down, navigating drug culture, taking creative risks, and all […]

The Curse of Halfway

Why is starting so easy, but the latter half seems to feel like trudging up a muddy hill in 120 degree weather? Why do we stop? We know that good things take time. Every overnight success took a long time to create. Why do we think results will come right off the bat? It’s a […]

Gill Andrews – Copywriting, constraints, and creative rituals

Gill Andrews (all the way from Frankfurt Germany) is a conversion copywriter and web consultant who helps small and medium businesses turn their underperforming websites into slick lead-generating machines. When she’s not writing copy or auditing websites, she’s blogging on her website, teaching other business owners — especially those who take care of their […]

You Gotta Move

Do you ever get stuck? Maybe you want more clients. Maybe your work isn’t evolving. Maybe you’re not growing. Or maybe you’re overthinking or over planning to the point where nothing actually happens. Listen to this episode if you want to overcome stagnation. One thing is for sure, whatever you’re doing now won’t get you […]

Dylan Schmidt – So you wanna start a podcast…

Dylan Schmidt is the creator of Digital Podcaster and founder of Podcasting Academy. He helps people of all backgrounds confidently share their message with the world. Discover how to use the power of podcasting to grow your audience, business and life. We were lucky enough to have him poke holes in our Podcast Strategy. We […]

The Pivot Muscle

You’ve heard, “the only inevitable in life is change.” It’s not the most exciting reminder, but it is true. Especially when building a business, brand, or shipping creative work. Will you let change derail you? Will it run your day? Or, will you be able to…pivot (ugh, another overused word). Pivot, shift, evolve, stay flexible, […]