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Make Your Work, Work…

When you make work, work for you, you do better work. We’re sold on “the best way to do xyz” all day long. Everyone wants you to do things their way, and they all have overwhelming evidence to support their argument. The thing is, they all work, but you need to find out which works […]

Sandra West & her Marketing Mothership

If you’re a jaded marketer or completely new to marketing, this episode is a short masterclass on real marketing for real people. With over 20 years of experience in branding, web design, graphic design, and social media, Sandra helps heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners bring their vision to life and reach the audience they can […]

Why Not

Do you know your why? Do you obsess over finding it, perfecting it, believing it, and sticking to it? What if you’re focusing on the wrong thing. What if there’s a much easier way. Maybe you need to stop looking for your why. This ep may just set you free… — Mentioned in the ep: […]

Myles Biggs – Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible

“I love the idea of someone looking out their window at 5am during a snowstorm to see me on mile 10.” Myles Biggs returns to talk about how he continues to push the boundaries of his potential and put the principles of “Unseen Work” to use. Myles Biggs is a lot of things…an author, storyteller, […]

Are You Free?

Freedom and independence take on many different meanings for different people. We are all grateful enough to live in a world where we are mostly free. Something that didn’t come free. But even today, we don’t always feel all that free. While many of us enjoy external freedom and independence, many find themselves trapped in […]

Amanda Rieger Green – Find your Purpose & Connect with your Soul’s Clearest Path

Amanda Rieger Green is a world-renowned psychic medium, spiritual intuitive and wellness leader.  Over the past decade, Amanda Rieger Green, MPH has consulted for thousands of clients including Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, world leaders, government officials, communities, institutions, and seekers from all walks of life looking for spiritual connection and a path forward in their […]

Gotta Have A Reason

The reason you can’t stick with something long enough to see results is because you don’t have a reason. Without a strong reason that excites, motivates, and energizes you, you’ll give up long before you see any signs up success. But coming up with the right reasons isn’t always cut and dray. Let’s explore.

Just Because You Can…

You can do it, but should you? In today’s world, you don’t win by saying yes to all the things, you win by saying no to the wrong things. You don’t win by addition, you win by subtraction. If you stand out in the sun for an hour, you’ll get a sunburn. But focus that […]

Story On with Seth Silvers

Story On was founded out of a frustration for what marketing could be. Seth realized the brands he loved were the ones telling stories, not just pushing products. Consumers want to buy from companies telling great stories but brands were stuck shouting about products. Story On, Founded by Seth Silvers, is a premier podcasting agency […]