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Who Are You?

Hey! We’re Bill and Miles. Nice to meet you. Who are you? If you’re a human, chances are you squirm your way through answering that question. Let’s talk about why. We seem to collapse who we are and what we do into one thing. But what you do is not who you are. Instead, what […]

The Return of Jason Moss

Welp, we’ve decided to talk to Jason Moss every 20 months. He was our first ever guest, and now, our first repeat guest! Over the past 20 months, his business has exploded. I believe every business owner, coach, and aspiring entrepreneur needs to listen to this episode. It’s an honest and transparent look into the […]

What Are You Paying Attention To?

Stuck in an old thought pattern? It’s easy to forget what the hell we’re actually doing and fall into outdated ways of thinking and being. Without conscious attention on the right things, we fall into scarcity and lack. In this episode, Bill and I dance around the “esoteric” for a bit before landing back in […]

Don’t Be A Tool

If you’re like us, you can get obsessed with “tools.” A project management tool – A community tool – A website builder – An email software – A design tool -Accounting – Automation – Copywriting – An app – An AI tool – And on and on an on… But you’re doing it all wrong. […]

Bob Doyle – Decide. Be. Do. Trust. Repeat.

“You have the most powerful reality creation tool built right into you, but most people sit around worrying about things.” Can we prove that “manifestation” and the “Law of attraction” are scientifically and biologically real? This conversation will change the way you look at how you create your own reality. Bob Doyle is well-known for […]

Knock My Socks Off…Please

It doesn’t take long to ruin a reputation or kill trust. But there are also some pretty simple things we can do to stand out and show our clients and customers that we care. As we enter an Artificial world, the human touch is more important and more powerful than ever. How can we build […]

Amanda Hilton – Dancing Between Science & Intuition

Amanda makes personal development simple so we can prioritize inner + outer wellbeing in the day-to-day. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a certification from the Spirituality Mind-Body Institute at Columbia University, as well as Bachelor’s Degrees in Education and Psychology. She’s merged her interests in Personal Development and Community Care to […]

Make Me Feel Something

The greatest marketers, artists, and content creators make you feel something. They connect. Are you creating content or connection? How can you use your ideas, experiences, tools, and tips to not only get someone’s attention, but actually connect. Timestamps Finding the right content [1:49]Having conversations that make a difference. Where can we do that on […]

Sam Woods – Marketing, Machine Learning, The Nature of Reality, and Beauty’s Revenge

Today’s guest built and sold a 28 million dollar digital marketing agency and has been using Generative AI for business, marketing, and creativity since 2019. He’s currently exploring how AI can enhance our creativity, marketing, and writing. Join us for a mind bending conversation about everything from marketing to the nature of reality. Some of […]