Bill Small

Business Coach & Music Pro at Artist Mind Inc. Working with small biz owners to build thriving, sustainable, lovable work lives.

Makes records (still calls them records), performs worldwide, loves the beach, getting people clear, & hanging with family.

Miles Hanson

Brand Architect at Brandthrive where brands go to stop wandering. I help personal brands, coaches, and small businesses build brand ecosystems. We specialize in brand identity, strategy, and web design.

I write every week about mastering the inner and outer game of building a brand without yelling – Geared towards the the analytical creative (overthinking, highly creative, easily overwhelmed Idea-machine who wants to build an audience, make stuff, and build wealth).

I love playing the guitar, tennis, coffee, and a nice cold west coast IPA. I’m from Austin, TX, lived in Denver for 4 years, and am currently seeing if I’m a “beach guy” in LA.

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