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Craig Lindell – Listen > Learn > Adapt

October 19, 2023

I met Craig on the golf course, we became friends, he told me about his company – [P]rehab, I told him about my lower back pain, he showed me the app, and now my lower back pain is gone…

[P]rehab; a digital physical therapy company with 1+ Million followers across social media, is redefining how physical therapy is accessed so people can take a proactive approach to their health with easy-to-follow physical therapy & injury prevention exercises.

Dr. Craig Lindell PT, DPT, CSCS — Therapist & global clinical educator — Co-founded [P]rehab with 3 of his friends (the Prehab Guys) in PT school.

Craig lives & practices in Los Angeles and has a wide array of experience as a PT, from working with various neurological conditions, ultra-endurance athletes, and collegiate/professional athletes across the Big Five in North American sports, to launching a start-up PT business as a student.

Today Craig manages the customer experience at [P]rehab overseeing product fulfillment, all digital content creation, and multi-channel publication that reaches millions of people on a weekly basis.

They didn’t build this incredibly successful business over night and there are a few super simple things they did that may shock you.

We also discuss…

  • Actually listening to your business
  • We posted every single day for a year and a half = half mil followers
  • Why fix what’s not broken
  • Engagement, gratitude, and connection
  • Don’t hate the game, play the game.
  • Building a team
  • And more…


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