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Eddie Shleyner – Very Good Copy, Polaroid’s, Vignettes, and the Growth Loop

March 9, 2023

Today, we sit down with renowned copywriter, polaroid camera enthusiast, and founder of, Eddie Shleyner.

His newsletter, VeryGoodCopy, is now growing ~100 subscribers a day with over 54,000 subscribers. He created 100s of free, addictive articles, interviews & courses about copywriting & creativity.

In 2022, he won HackerNoon’s “Email Newsletter of the Year” award. A few weeks later, he was voted a LinkedIn “Top Voice” in Marketing & Advertising.

Eddie is cool, but what we think is cooler than all his accolades, is his energy. He’s a perfect example of “Not Yelling.” He’s a chill, down to earth, introverted new father who’s found a way to make an awesome living doing what he loves. I think you’re gonna love this ep.

A few more cool thing about Eddie:

  • Former Copy Chief at
  • Winner: “Marketing MVP of the Year” at G2
  • Freelance clients include: Google, Hubspot, The Hustle, Forbes, Geico, SEMRush and many more.
  • He’s recognized among 15 “must-follow” marketing thought leaders on LinkedIn with 75,000+ followers & 1M+ monthly content views
  • Email Newsletter of the Year (Nominee) by HackerNoon

Eddie, Bill, and Miles journey through:

  • How he got into copywriting (on accident)
  • How he left G2 to build his newsletter
  • Using LinkedIn to create a growth loop
  • Growing an audience (without yelling)
  • Nuanced creative outlets that spark new ideas
  • Some copywriting tips
  • Having kids
  • His new course, Transformational Landing Pages

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