Wall of Finished

Amazing things happen on the other side of finished. Here are some things we’ve finished in the Box.

Completed Onboarding for 3 new clients.
Sandra west
Designer, Strategist, Bellastrega.co
Completed a website overhaul. Sifted through hundreds of photos / art and organized a select handful on the site.
Beth Jasper
Be ready for speech on the 20th.
ricardo viso
former entrepreneur and executive
Completed Onboarding for 3 new clients.
Nirel Marofsky
Embodied Mindfulness Coach & Music Producer / DJ
Partnered with a new client in less than a month - helping them transition from an in-person to a hybrid event.
natasha bailleres
Entrepreneur / Yogi
Sold my first logo for $100+ in 5 days.
Miles hanson
Brand Designer
Created enough material for an online cello course / Membership Area on my website, in combination with a few short videos for YouTube to drive traffic to my website.
Ragnhild Wesenberg
Completed all existing client work (6) in 30 days.
Miles hanson
Brand Designer
Set up and launched a Patreon site for my music and artistic creative output.
Bill Small
Musician / Coach
Clarified services and processes for all offers (OBM, Pinterest Management, Podcast Management, Podcast Launching, Content Repurposing).
Erin Beavers
Intuitive OBM