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Is It Art If Nobody Hears It?

January 12, 2022

Have you built structure around your work?

Or, do you just create when you feel like it and stop when you don’t?

Do you consistently promote your work?

Or do you just make it, then post it on your Instagram story once?

In this conversation, we explore what it means to have a “Box” as we’ve decided to call it.

A container that holds focused energy around your creative work and allows you to show up as a professional creative, coach, and entrepreneur.

We discuss:

  • Masculine vs. Feminine energy
  • Finding harmonry
  • Creating needs boundaries
  • Selling your work
  • If you don’t sell, there is no art
  • Showing up as a professional
  • Selling and promoting is part of the creative process
  • Believing in yourself
  • Staying consistent
  • Developing thicker skin
  • Getting support and accountability
  • Creating your “Box”

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