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A Healthy Dose of Perfection with Janis Ozlins

August 31, 2023

Janis Ozolins has made a name for himself by explaining ideas visually. His work has reached millions, leading to collaborations with notable entrepreneurs and creators such as Steven Bartlett, Matt D’Avella, Dharmesh Shah, and others.

After struggling with the transition for over four years, Janis successfully shifted from a 9-to-5 corporate role to becoming a profitable creative living on his own terms.

Janis has some of the coolest visuals on the internet and has built a course based on the questions his audiences asks.

If you’re trying to “figure out” this whole online business thingy, this conversation sheds light on what it actually takes. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, but it probably won’t happen overnight. Are you willing to wait?

Some of what we cover with Janis:

  • The messy process
  • The “secret” to growing and monetizing an audience
  • Making failure
  • Visual communication
  • The iteration process
  • A healthy dose of perfection
  • How social media is changing
  • Building a following of 130k+
  • Developing your own version of consistency
  • The importance of an email list


What Janis is doing now:

Explain Ideas Visually Course & Community:

The Ideas newsletter by Janis:


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