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Jared Judge – Eliminating Obscurity

November 24, 2021

Obscurity: the state of being difficult to see or understand. the state of being unknown or forgotten. Webster.

From string quartet to symphonies, software as a service to coaching performers on how to make a living doing what they love, today’s guest shares how he rose from relative obscurity in music school to the thriving business he has today.

Jared Judge has had a diverse career in Music and Technology. Having two degrees in music, he served as an elementary and high school band director and ran a non-profit opera house.

As a self-proclaimed tech geek, he has built many websites and apps. When he launched his wedding string quartet, Dream City Strings, it immediately became the top-gigging string quartet in Milwaukee.

As the administrative work piled high, he launched BookLive as a tool to automate much of that work and to help other musicians run profitable live music businesses. He now coaches hundreds of performing groups on making a living off of music.

In this conversation, we discuss…

  • Jared’s incredible story
  • Entrepreneurial persistence
  • Staying in momentum
  • Eliminating obscurity
  • Building a great product
  • Delivering on your promise
  • Being multi-passionate
  • Business puzzle pieces
  • Coaching

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