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Make Me Feel Something

March 30, 2023

The greatest marketers, artists, and content creators make you feel something.

They connect.

Are you creating content or connection?

How can you use your ideas, experiences, tools, and tips to not only get someone’s attention, but actually connect.


Finding the right content [1:49]
Having conversations that make a difference. Where can we do that on the internet?

The power of connection [3:58]
Content that connects vs. content that doesn’t.

Connecting through stories [4:46]
Connect with your audience through storytelling and sharing the nuances and the emotions, rather than overwhelming them with strategies and tactics.

The juicy stuff [5:39]
Feeling overwhelmed by consuming content and why we prefer listening to people’s stories that evoke emotions rather than being told what to do.

David Goggin’s book [7:04]
How David Goggin’s book, which tells his story, connected with them and changed their life, highlighting the power of storytelling.

Content and connection [9:38]
The best content is one that combines both content and connection, and how the greatest commercials are the ones that make you feel something.

Make art not content [10:45]
Creating art that connects with people, rather than just creating content for the sake of growing a business or making money.

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