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Married to Marketing

November 10, 2021

I’ve asked for a divorce more than once, but I had to face facts; I have a business, so I’m in a long-term relationship with Marketing.

Miles and I wind our way through a conversation about having a healthy relationship with Marketing.

I ran a poll and asked people, “what’s your relationship with marketing?”

The most selected answer was…

“It’s fine, IDK I’m still figuring it out.

The second was, “It’s cringy and I don’t like it.”

Why do so many people have such a toxic relationship with marketing?

Let’s explore that.

In this episode, Bill and Miles discuss:

  • What is marketing
  • What are the biggest challenges around marketing
  • Why marketing isn’t suppossed to be easy
  • Clickfunnels / bro marketing
  • Intentions vs Tactics
  • Why I quit marketing
  • Relationship building
  • Long-term thinking

Enjoy :)


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