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Matt Anderson – You created something, now what?

December 22, 2021

Matthew J. Anderson, ‘born and bred’ a Cheesehead grew up in Cottage Grove, a small town east of Madison, WI. His passion for writing started at seven years old when one of his aunts gifted him with a shiny ballpoint pen in a pristine case on Christmas Day.

He started Signs of Deception, his first manuscript when he was eighteen years old. Sixteen years later, at the age of thirty-four, he finally gained the courage to show it to the world and finished the remaining chapters.

In Matt’s free time, he enjoys traveling the world, reading psychological thrillers, exploring new trails either biking or hiking, shooting hoops, and rooting for all the Badger State sports teams.

We discuss:

  • Brain fog
  • Creative journey
  • Consistency
  • Creative environment
  • Marketing your work


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