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Myles Biggs – Unseen Work

February 16, 2022

“We have to do the unseen work, so that when we are seen, we have something to show for it.”

Myles Biggs is a lot of things…an author, storyteller, marketer, coach, father, podcaster.

His podcast, Relish the Journey, was named #5 on a list of the top 15 Podcasts of 2020, by New York Weekly.

That led him to write the book, Unseen Work.

In his book “Unseen Work” he’s taken an unspoken problem and created a framework and context for it.

Join Myles, Miles…..and Bill as we talk about:

  • Myles’ wandering journey in varied industries & roles
  • The benefit of being a jack of all trades
  • Letting go of “clarity” and just moving forward anyway
  • Dealing with uncertainty (+ leveraging it)
  • What is Unseen work (3 types)
  • Finding harmony between family, money, career + creative work
  • Consistency (and lack thereof)
  • Failed attempts (flops vs. flips)
  • “Retirement” and its many flaws
  • Being an introvert who’s gotten good at being extroverted
  • The Unseen work of Fatherhood (his new project)

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