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Natalie Cramer – The Subtle Art of Creativity

August 17, 2023

Are you creative? Let’s find out.

Natalie Cramer is a creativity coach helping adults overcome life’s challenges and reconnect with themselves through creative play. Playing guitar and writing original songs are her primary outlets for processing and moving through emotions.

Creativity has always been Natalie’s safe space and now she gets to share the magic of imagination and play with others through 1:1 coaching and events- both in-person and online. 

We meander through…

  • Seeing things in a new way
  • Creativity as the tool for personal growth
  • Coaching vs. therapy
  • Play and it’s crucial role in your life
  • When humans start to lose their individualism (4th grade)
  • Jumping off the hamster wheel of life
  • Why comparison is so bad
  • The importance of failure

Connect with Natalie:

Instagram: ⁠@cramer.creations⁠

Facebook: ⁠@cramer.creations⁠

Website: ⁠


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