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Podcast Prep

We (Miles and Bill) are excited to have you as our guest!
Thank you for coming on.

If you haven’t already, you can check out the podcast website, which you’re currently on 😉

We aim to keep this podcast casual, fun, and conversational. So we’ll just let it flow naturally. Here are a few ideas that we may want to cover: 

  • What’s your world? (No right answer, just see where it goes)
  • Who is….? (who are you)
  • What do you “make?”
  • Your energy
  • Introverted / extroverted
  • Logical  / routine / boundaries / structure / analytical / right brain vs. creative flow / spontaneity / emotional / random
  • Driven / determined / hustle / grind / fast / structured
  • Patient / slower / spontaneous / passionate
  • Where do you thrive?
  • Environment / tasks / expertise / sweet spot / flow state
  • How do you feel about marketing today? What are you excited about?
  • Live fast die young or live slow die old?
  • What’s your creative process look like?
  • What’s your “Box” if you have one?
  • Any fun or challenging entrepreneurial / marketing stories
Our north star with the pod is to explore growing a business without the bullshit (grind, hustle, rush, burnout, bro marketing etc).

We also love music, creativity, mindset, branding and humor.
We’re big believers that there is no one way to succeed in business, marketing, creative work etc.
Here’s the link to join us on Riverside


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  • A blurb / bio that describes you and what you do!
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Let me know if you have any questions.

See you soon,

Miles & Bill

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