Fast Design Feedback for Designers, Entrepreneurs, and Creators

Make design decisions with the help of others.

Get some perspective (zoom out!)

Collaborate with your audience, clients, or peers to make objective design decisions.

As a designer:

Get quick feedback to support your creative process and move past client hangups / constant revisions.

Grow and get better at your craft by widening your perspective.

As a business owner:

See what will actually work when it comes to your brand design. Get new ideas if the current design isn’t working. Collaborate with your audience and get them engaged.

Get access to a community of people (some designers, some not) who will quickly take a look at your specific design decision, the context, and the goal – in order to make an unbiased vote on the winning design (+why).

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While working on a client’s brand identity project, I was met with some disagreement.

The client liked design A, and I liked design B.

I defended design A by sharing that it was more memorable, simple, and scalable for his brand, while the client made the argument that it wasn’t on-brand.

I have far more design experience than the client, but I still has blind spots.

The client likely has a better understanding of what their clients want, but they too have blind spots.

I sure wish there was a way to remove bias and see which would work better for the brand long-term.

While we can’t travel 5 years into the future and split test, we can get some fresh and objective perspective.

But I don’t have time to send this to a bunch of people asking for feedback…and their opinion might not be relevant anyway.




  • A collaborative process that creates new perspectives and illuminates blind spots
  • Create a more enjoyable experience for your clients
  • Move projects forward faster and stop numerous revisions

How it Works

let’s put it to a vote

  • Provide the goal and a bit of context
  • Upload a few versions
  • Within no time, you’ll receive objective feedback and a clear winner 
  • Move forward with confidence

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Give it a spin, it’s free.