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Sam Woods – Marketing, Machine Learning, The Nature of Reality, and Beauty’s Revenge

March 22, 2023

Today’s guest built and sold a 28 million dollar digital marketing agency and has been using Generative AI for business, marketing, and creativity since 2019.

He’s currently exploring how AI can enhance our creativity, marketing, and writing.

Join us for a mind bending conversation about everything from marketing to the nature of reality.

Some of what we cover:

  • Building a business without building an audience
  • Doing excellent work
  • Building a referral system
  • Artificial intelligence (past, future, present)
  • Discomfort & skill growth
  • Copywriting
  • How to think about AI
  • Powerful ChatGPT Prompts
  • Prompt mistakes most people make
  • A spiritual / trippy perspective on AI
  • Beauty & The nature of reality

Connect with Sam:

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For AI and creativity, with philosophy involved:

For AI and all things online marketing:


[1:01] Introduction and Background

[3:30] Building Business Through Referrals

[17:28] Premium Product Strategy

[22:43] Copywriting and Conversion Rate Optimization

[23:45] Creativity in Conversion Rate Optimization

[25:41] Motivation for Writing and Copywriting

[26:32] Creativity and Discomfort

[28:10] Using AI for Copywriting

[32:50] AI Tools for Creativity

[33:43] The Value of Specific Use Cases

[35:29] Prompt Engineering and Refining

[43:49] Using Prompts as a Conversation Partner

[45:06] Analyzing Text with Language Models

[46:01] Text Analysis & AI language models

[48:12] Machine Learning

[52:47] Concerns with Machine Learning

[53:02] The Ethics of AI

[54:28] What is Human Sentience

[55:45] The Nature of Reality, Beauty and sign off.

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