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Story On with Seth Silvers

June 1, 2023

Story On was founded out of a frustration for what marketing could be.

Seth realized the brands he loved were the ones telling stories, not just pushing products. Consumers want to buy from companies telling great stories but brands were stuck shouting about products.

Story On, Founded by Seth Silvers, is a premier podcasting agency based in Colorado

They’ve helped some of the most trusted business leaders in the world including Mark Cuban, Patrick Lencioni, Peak Solutions, and The Business Transition Strategists; tell stories with their podcasts.

Today, we take a dive into storytelling, marketing, podcasting, and the inner game of building a brand without yelling.

  • Don’t start a podcast until…
  • The storytelling trend vs. actual storytelling
  • Patience patience patience
  • Why most people don’t make it to episode 10 of their podcast
  • Creating a watering hole for your brand
  • Staying focused and why it’s so hard
  • Most “Trusted” vs. “Biggest” or “Best”
  • The tough question: What do you want?
  • A new way to think about business
  • His new podcast coming out soon


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