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Stacy Fischer – Emotions That Work

June 22, 2022

Most entrepreneurs don’t have business problems, they have emotions disguised as business problems.

Stacy Fischer is the creator of the Emotional MBA®, where business basics meet your emotional operating system.

She teaches and guides you on how to use your emotions to start, grow, and partner in business. On how to feel good & do good.

She’s a long-time entrepreneur that loves adventure – on the road, on a trail, in your head, and all up in the business of feelings.

Our conversation journeys through:

  • Emotions in business
  • Getting out of your head
  • Emotional operating systems
  • Emotional Tools and language
  • Thought evolution
  • The Emotional MBA
  • And more…

I don’t hear this conversation happening enough. It really does all start here. Go for a walk and listen to this entire episode. You’ll change the way you look at your work, your emotions, and your mindset.

Reach out to us! What stands out to you in this conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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