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The Return of Jason Moss

May 18, 2023

Welp, we’ve decided to talk to Jason Moss every 20 months. He was our first ever guest, and now, our first repeat guest! Over the past 20 months, his business has exploded.

I believe every business owner, coach, and aspiring entrepreneur needs to listen to this episode. It’s an honest and transparent look into the truth about business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. What’s actually needed to start and grow a successful business? How long does it take? How to go from “who are you” to “I want to work with you.”

If you go to Jason’s website, you’ll see just how simple, straightforward, and refreshing his copy is. He created a simple framework called “The Launch Method” with hundreds of success stories to back it up.

Jason Moss is a multi-six-figure business coach leading a community of over 10,000 coaches around the world. He helps early-stage coaches attract high-paying clients and get paid to transform lives. Jason lives in Denver, Colorado with his partner Kimberly, dog Boomer and cat Zola.

Jason’s offering: Client Attraction Guide for listeners of this Podcast

Check out his new website!

We talk about…

  • His business growing 600% in 2022
  • Not being in the weeds all the time
  • Important shifts that need to happen in your business / career
  • Energy management
  • How Jason has gone from ~10k months to 60k months in less than 20 months
  • It’s not all rainbows / the truth behind successful business
  • Balancing the head and the heart
  • Finding your unfair advantage
  • Money misconceptions and working “really hard”
  • The E-Myth (why most small businesses don’t work)
  • There’s no one “right way” to grow an audience
  • Trusting yourself vs. relying on others for permission


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