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Todd Clarke – Stop rambling. Start persuading.

February 22, 2023

Make your website the best salesperson in your business.

Do you ever wish your website would actually generate more business for you?

Or that when people show up to your website, they actually understand the problems you solve for them – thus booking a call with you?

Our guest today helps people do exactly that.

Todd Clarke is a copywriter and minister of clarity at Todd’s Got A Pen, where he helps his clients get clear, then clearly explain their business, in plain English, no jargon.

Why? Because people develop trust and buy your services when they understand you immediately, clearly, and simply.

Todd’s mission: Make every client’s home page the best salesperson in the company.

Todd’s website:

Todd’s freebies:

A few things you’ll learn if you listen:

  • How to put the reader first
  • Why your message is confusing
  • Storytelling + story branding
  • How to increase sales with your words
  • The role of design
  • The “secret” to being clear
  • How to create a repeatable process
  • How to get clients and build connections on LinkedIn
  • How to know when you’re “done” with your message
  • How to be real and stand out
  • How to age gracefully, with energy and vibrancy

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