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You’re not as dumb as you think

April 27, 2022

“I’ve already hit my peak…I’ve already had my best ideas, best energy, best thinking…look at everyone else doing it way better than me…why am I so bad at this?”

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe your mind is nice to you and never bullies you into feeling less than.

For the rest of us, it’s a full time job getting out of our own way.

We (Bill and Miles) have a raw conversation about how and when imposter syndrome shows up for us, how it feels, and how to kick its ass so you can get back to being a badass.

We were hesitant to discuss this topic because it feels a bit tired, but I think we really hit an angle that’s not discussed as openly.

If you ever feel like a you got lucky…like “they” are going to find you out, give this episode a listen!

We discuss:

  • Imposter syndrome / comparison
  • Faking it until you make it (good vs. bad)
  • Being a fraud, not being good enough
  • Roadmap vs. story
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Everything is figureoutable
  • You’re not as dumb as you think


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